How I Really Feel About Veterans Day In The United States – Robert X


It is Veterans Day today. It must be one of the top holidays I’m not too proud of, being an Army veteran myself. I consider it a day where we force humans into loving an Army whose sole existence and purpose is to wreak havoc, gain resources, cleanup after itself, and then play the victim when called out all while gaining tremendous amounts of profits for white world dominance.

Today is a day where we promote how sad we are for 5,000 American deaths during our current 15+ year war against “terrorism” (middle east). Today is a day where we fail to realize that those 5,000 Americans are nothing, compared to the millions of innocent humans who suffered and are still suffering in the Middle East for the loss of those 5,000. Today is a day when my Veteran loving country promotes the false beliefs that 9-11-2001 was the worst day in American History.

Well I’m here to tell you, every day is the worse day in U.S. History for black humans and any other human who suffered and are suffering from white supremacy, nationalism, discrimination, and hate world-wide. As a Veteran of the U.S. Army, how am I supposed to celebrate a holiday that promotes patriotism, white supremacy, death, chaos, max profits and not max humanity? I cannot and will not celebrate a day where we promote that killing babies, children, women, and men is just collateral damage and should not be worried about because it is now considered a norm in society. With all the technology, we have today, there is no reason to drop one bomb on an innocent human.

I recommend that you save your “Happy Veterans Day” wishes for someone who loves war crimes, atrocities to humanity, and white supremacy. Today is a day when we promote freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – without putting a disclaimer letting nonwhite humans know that those freedoms, liberty, and happiness was supposed to be for “Whites Only”.

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