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Should We Protest? – Robert X


Various NYC organizations have scheduled protests and rallies over the coming days to express their views on Donald Trump’s presidential win. (Credit: Getty Images / Drew Angerer)

I am disappointed that supremacy has tricked us into thinking that protests are pointless, worthless, and violent and that protesters are paid sheep. It’s sad when I go to my college class, just to hear my Americans and fellow students say, “people should not protest”.


  • Protesting does not mean violence
  • How else will your master know you’re pissed and have feelings like a human.
  • Networking, meeting new people
  • Learning, it’s not just dumb poor people protesting.
  • Learning to organize, biggest fear of corruption.
  • Breaking the divide, when you are in a protest, we are all one.
  • The rush, seeing so many people coming together for many purposes by recognizing we are all humans.
  • You get to watch pissed off rich people yell at everyone and then scream that you are the bad person for making them walk to their taxi because you shut 10 blocks down in the busiest city in the country!
  • You get to learn and become educated so you can come back from protests and teach anti-protesters the truth about reality.
  • You get to scream, make signs, and have fun – who wouldn’t want to do all that?
  • It’s HISTORY! All throughout history protests and marches have occurred so don’t let the negative Nancy’s get to ya.

I encourage everyone to become active in this (not new) revolution whether it be online activism or on the streets activism. Everything makes a difference. Let’s stop trying to figure out who to take our anger out on and get out on the streets and show those people your anger, sadness, and emotions. We mean business this time.

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