Trump vs. Kaepernick – Robert X


The above political cartoon of Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick, is a fine example of the never-ending disease and corruption of white privilege in today’s forced white society that claims, anything “white” does not exist therefore cannot be.

For example: white supremacist, nationalist, racists, radical right-wing conservatives, and Trump lovers; they will now take out the word “white” and then trick humans into thinking it changes the meaning from bad to good. They use, make up, and distribute words and phrases such as,” white supremacy” which changes to “white nationalism” and now as of recent has been changed to white people saying, they are a “nationalist” and it can’t possibly mean anything racists because there is no mention in race, because they took it completely out, but the ideology and purpose remains.

Therefore, we fall for tricks and deceitfulness. In a broader since, it is just another way for Western (white) society to get away with genocides, apartheid, racism, supremacy, colonization, assimilation, modern day slavery, and much more. It’s like, if someone is a serial killer and when the cops catch them they throw away the weapon and say, I’m not a “serial killer” I’m a “serial” there is a difference!!

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