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A Personal Message To My Muslim Friends – Robert X



Peace Be Upon You My Friends,

First, it is truly an honor to have you reading this. It is an honor because all of you have so much courage to keep going and keep your faith, especially at a time when it seems like the whole world is against you. I have always referred to Muslims as the “new black” for the bully, that we call Western (white) Society that protects, funds, and supports terrorism while reigning bombs upon your children night after night. All for the love of oil, money, land, and white supremacy.


Robert X at a Pro-Palestine Rally in Time Square, New York

Even though I am a U.S. Army veteran, deployed to Iraq, and Afghanistan I knew nothing about Muslims and the tons of atrocities happening around the world against all of you. I grew up in white AmeriKKKa and spent 7 years of my life in the U.S. Army being brainwashed into thinking, “God made the sky blue because He loved the Infantry” which we had to SCREAM as we stabbed a fake dummy and then was forced to run 2 miles in advanced infantry training. Sky blue, being the color of Infantrymen in the U.S. Army. My country and my country’s military doesn’t exactly teach us about Muslims and atrocities that are happening in the world, they teach us how to hate, kill, and call everyone terrorists besides ourselves. We live in fantasies here. We do not want to face or even acknowledge the slightest bit of reality. We instead find reality on T.V. and assume that what we are watching, is in fact reality when it is indeed far from.

A few months ago, I attended a Pro-Palestine rally in Time Square, New York. I made a sign, had a great time, and met a lot of good people. I posted a picture on Instagram, it is me holding my #FreePalestine sign with some people in the background. At the time, I was an atheist when I posted the picture. Afterwards, I received a tremendous amount of love and support from the Muslim community that I was not expecting and ever seen before. I started receiving so many messages from all the world, full of love and support.

I began learning from hundreds of Muslims from all over the world. This opened my eyes to a whole new world that I never knew before. I fell in love with the beautiful women, the beautiful Quran, and just all the love I kept receiving, practically daily. I was hooked, being born and growing up Christian and now atheist at the time, gave me a lot to reflect and ponder upon. So, I dove into the Muslim community after receiving so much loving and learning so much at one time, I thought if any religion was to be true it had to be Islam. I started to have faith again and confirmed to people who asked, that I was a Muslim and that I would fight for justice and righteousness because that is what I believe in, regardless of religion or other beliefs of mine.


Someone made a Instagram page dedicated to proving that Robert X was fake.

Due to receiving hate messages, comments, and people making entire Instagram pages to prove that I am fake, I have concluded, that I may have given too many Muslims false hope for me to be some sort of  hero for the Muslim community and I could not keep up with the demands. I’m here today to tell you, that I am sorry and that I am no hero. I’m just me. I do believe that I have been given a different mission in life now and it requires me to drop all labels that society has forced upon me, except for one.

I have come to a personal decision to put aside all labels, including religion and focus on a question, on the topic of white supremacy, that does not allow me to carry a label. That does not mean I put aside Allah/God. In no way, shape or form, am I claiming that Allah/God is not real and that anything is fake. The label that I must carry now is the label of being “white” in a white society. I must use this label to the benefit of others, not my own benefits. So, I want to apologize for any confusions or “let downs”.

I will always stick up for my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, there is no doubt about my character and integrity. For now, I must focus on many things and not just Muslim issues. I wish for everyone to respect this and I hope to see all of you on my blog learning and sharing knowledge that effects not just black humans but ultimately, all of us. Yes, Muslims are a target of white supremacy and domestic hate groups across the world, so I see no problem with me fighting against these terrorist ideologies that effect the Muslim community as well as everyone else.

PS: I do not pretend to be Muslim and never have or will. Everyone who follows me knows exactly who I am.

Much Love,

Robert X (Aasim Ali)

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