Trump Wins, Blame Game Begins – Robert X


As I witness everyone running around like mad persons, blaming black humans for everything. I just want to remind everyone of some other things that we could blame besides black humans all day, for Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

  • Native genocide
  • Black Slavery
  • White Supremacy
  • Lynchings
  • Forceful Segregation
  • Forceful Integration
  • Social Darwinism
  • Jim Crow Laws
  • Anti-Black Societal Propaganda
  • KKK & other hate groups/cults
  • Coded White Racism
  • Police Brutality
  • Racial Colorblindness

The list could keep going. My point is, lots of people believe a lot of things. How could you possibly have any sort of empathy and then say, fuck black humans for not voting in a racist white corrupt country, that was never ever meant to be for them.

Bill and Hillary Clinton called black humans “Super Predators” and voted and passed laws causing mass incarceration of black humans, spreading disgusting propaganda against black humans, and filling for-profit prisons to the brim with millions of innocent black men. Those black men who committed minor to no crimes were forced to leave their family and children fatherless, not knowing what to do but to blame their own kin.

Why blame black humans for voting or not, for their next master? Yes, voting is important and there are reasons to vote for laws, that’s why I will continue to encourage people to vote independent. We must part ways from the Democratic and Republican parties now because they have not worked since they were created. The signs are obvious.

We must unite, take over state level elections, and run our own states and elect our own people who love everyone, not “whites only and if you pass our whiteness criteria” may you be accepted.

White supremacy, wealth inequality, and attacks on our educational systems for the past 50+ years are the reasons why Donald Trump won, not the lack of black votes for Hillary Clinton.

Black humans voted, they did their job like they have been doing since the white man “allowed” black humans to vote and forced them into thinking; if they work and fight hard enough, they will be able to vote and maybe one day give their children human rights.

Of course, this is if the white man approves of it. Clearly this presidential election, we have found out first hand that the white man, has not approved of anything and now will be taking everyone backwards on any progress made within the last 50 years; just to show you who is superior and the satisfaction of REVENGE for getting even close to having human rights.

It’s time we start looking somewhere else and find someone else to blame besides black humans every 4 years. White supremacy has been winning for over 2,000 years, ever since they invaded Africa and forever destroyed their cultures, religions, and existence.

That is why it amazes me to hear every day and year that racism doesn’t exist, if you don’t like it move to another country, you’re a disgrace to your race and country, you’re a fake veteran, there is no way you’re white, and I can’t believe you support brown, black and native people and you are white. These are just a few things that I have been told, many times.

My neck hurts every day, trying to warn humans about white supremacy. Yet half the world demands it doesn’t exist and I should shut up about it. I just need to get to that other half.

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