Domestic vs. Foreign Terrorism – Robert X


During WW2, white supremacy domestic terrorism from the U.S. was confronted and challenged by the white supremacy foreign terrorism of Hitler. The whole world watched as Hitler took over half of it. The U.S. was forced to step in and “finally” confront Hitler, the liberation of France and Hitler’s “last push” before he ran out of resources, resulting in the deaths of millions and millions of Jews and other humans by starvation.

The point being, the U.S. did not want to defend freedom until almost all hope was lost. While Hitler was destroying half the world, the U.S. was spreading anti-everyone propaganda. They were lynching, raping, and terrorizing native, foreign, white, brown, and black humans. They were enforcing Jim Crow Laws and spreading social Darwinism, demanding black humans are animals and nothing more. They were committing so many atrocities that history could not even keep up, yet someone somewhere decided to pick the “lesser of evil” and crown the U.S. world heroes for stopping Hitler. Regardless that Hitler was about to run out of gas anyways.

There is no lesser of evil, there is only evil and that’s it. Not to mention, during WW2 Americans treated Nazis better than black American veterans. The U.S. today protects the very terrorist organization they “supposedly” took down in WW2. The Klu Klux Klan (KKK), Neo-Nazi’s, and radical white nationalist cults, to name a few.

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