Watch This, Scared Yet? You Should Be – Robert X

If you watch this video and say, white supremacy doesn’t exist, I am sorry but you are a fool. FULL VIDEO HERE

If you go through historical censuses and look at the percentage of non-Hispanic whites in the country, all the way until 2016, you can clearly see that white people have been the majority making them supreme and in control of everything that has to do with the country. I’m white, I grew up in a city that was 90+% white, and I went to a majority white school. In this white school; they taught me how cool it was for the white man to “accidentally” land in the Americas.

They taught me that Natives were savages and we had no choice but to wipe them all out, just to leave a few as a reminder to the world who is SUPERIOR! The only time they taught me about slavery is when Abe Lincoln was brought up, only to glorify the white man and say, he cared so much for black humans that it caused the Civil War. They taught me a crap load of white man history but left out all the bad things that we did and continue to do. They taught me that the US is number 1 and if anyone messes with us, it will be the end of them. I was taught white history that they glorified as being the only way to live and everyone else was terrorists or out to get us. But they also tried to teach me that the US was diverse and now racism doesn’t exist.

I just wish I was taught the truth, the other side of this glorified history of mine. Why wasn’t I taught about Jim Crow, Tuskegee, Tulsa 1921, social Darwinism, real Native history, the lynchings, the rapes, the torture, and the extreme supremacy, discrimination, and hate that we caused and are still causing the world to go through? Maybe I could have been a human a long time ago, instead of a brainwashed white supremacist who didn’t even know it.

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