Did Donald Trump Wake You Up? That Is A Good Thing – Robert X

If you watch the video above, I’ve also said this many times that, Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton is not necessarily a bad thing to happen.

We must look at it in a broader sense. Before Donald Trump won, much of the US was running around like clowns screaming that racism doesn’t exist and it’s all an illusion and that black, brown, and native humans are out on the streets fighting for nothing. Well, now that Donald Trump won the electoral vote, we have become more united against Evil that we thought did not exist.

I would say, it’s become more of a balance between evil and good now. Imagine if Hillary Clinton won. Much of the world would continue back to their, “racism doesn’t exist” life’s while Hillary Clinton spreads chaos and carnage throughout the Middle East and around the world, neglecting the very humans she said she would stand up for. Let’s not forget that, Bill and Hillary Clinton called black humans “Super Predators” and was responsible for the mass-incarceration of millions of black humans. Three-strikes and you are out, locking up black men for the rest of their life, for minor to no crime. Leaving their families fatherless and with no hope in sight.

Now that Donald Trump won, only white and white-like people are saying, racism doesn’t exist and to give Donald Trump a chance to prove us wrong. There is no “giving evil a chance”, there just is no room for it anymore. When Malcolm X is talking about Goldwater, just replace Goldwater with Trump and it’s the same as 2016, 50+ years later.

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