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Blog Update #1


Greetings everyone,

Much of you have noticed that I have been changing a lot of things around on my blog, the past few days. I believe I have everything set up now and ready to go.

I want to transform this blog into a historical database of stories and news from humans all over the world, who don’t get a chance to voice themselves.

Learning, educating, and unity is my main goal here. Currently I’m undergoing finals for college so much of my time is preoccupied, as of right now. So please have patience with me as I push through these last two weeks of school. Then I’m off to see my beautiful daughter in Texas for Christmas break.

So as time goes on I will keep updating “our” blog with new content, knowledge, and much more! I already have a few people who have and are emailing me, sharing their stories, news, and just saying hi. I appreciate that and much love to everyone who checks the blog and shows love.

Much more to come in the near future, my brain is spinning with ideas. So keep a watch and be safe out there.

Much love,

Robert X

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