Race War On Colin Kaepernick’s Instagram Page – Robert X


Ever since Colin Kaepernick took a knee to AmeriKKKa’s racist national anthem, Kaepernick has had a racial war happening on his Instagram and I can only assume his other social media platforms as well. Because I spend much of my time on Instagram, for the most part, I love going on to Colin Kaepernick’s Instagram page to defend him on his stance to stand up to AmeriKKKa and use his celebrity status to do so.

Therefore, I dedicate this page to Colin Kaepernick to showcase how brave he is and what he is up against. As a veteran of the US Army, I want to commend Colin Kaepernick for his courageousness and unbreakable integrity that he has shown, in the face of white supremacy that has ruled the earth for 2,000 years and running. I also want to salute Kaepernick and let him know that he is more of a US veteran than I have seen in quiet some time. You don’t have to join the AmeriKKKan military to be considered a veteran.

*RACISM CONTEXT: The issue there is the definition of “racial” — of or about race — isn’t at all what racism is. Racism is not about race. Everybody has race. And, that’s not how we’re using it. Racism is about racial hatred, animus rooted in racial superiority beliefs that often justify the unfair allocation of resources, both cultural and material.




** Will update this page as I find more racists to call out. There are plenty more, can’t catch them all, I’m only one person.

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