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Instagram did NOT ShutDown my Instagram – Robert X

As you can clearly see, it says “requested to delete this account“.

My new Instagram is “HERE

I have made my new Instagram to provide clear proofs to anyone in the near future that questions my “veteran status”.

As I battle white supremacy, I will be coming into contact with white racists who will try to slander me by saying, “you’re stolen valor” which means fake veteran. They use this slander as an excuse to continue their racist agendas.

Another excuse AmeriKKKan’s will use is, “racism is a two way street”. No it’s not. Racism includes power and racial hatred and most times has nothing to do with a specific skin color. We all know that white supremacy is power that no one else has. I don’t see native and black humans hell bent for world domination to be the heroes after 2,000 years of atrocities that the white man has committed against mankind. No, native and black humans are forcefully segregated from the world, only to try and hold on to their existence, real history, and purpose in life.

I’m embarrassed everyday to be a veteran of the United States because of white domestic terrorism that my country harbors and protects, as they bomb and kill children, men, and women in the Middle East and around the world.

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