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This question is from my good friend, Galuh Difit, from Indonesia

Question #1

What factors can make a human become racist? And do you (Robert X) have experience about this?

Answer #1


First I want to say, it is an honor to have met you and it is an honor to be able to answer your questions. I will attempt to make this as easy to understand, as possible. Much love to you my friend.

When we ask the question, “what factors make a human become racist?” we are dealing with a very complex range of factors. To make it easy to understand, we can break down these factors into groups. Two groups come to my mind right away, individual factors and social environmental factors. Both groups are still very complex but we will stick to these two groups of factors. I will now show you what factors would fall under each group. I am not here to name all factors that would make a human become a racist but i will try to list the main factors.

Also, when we are talking about racism, we must figure out, in what context that the racism is being usedRACISM CONTEXT: The issue there is the definition of “racial” — of or about race — isn’t at all what racism is. Racism is not about race. Everybody has race. And, that’s not how we’re using it. Racism is about racial hatred, animus rooted in racial superiority beliefs that often justify the unfair allocation of resources, both cultural and material.

Furthermore, with racism comes power. “If a white man wants to lynch me then that is his problem. But if a white man wants to lynch me and he his the power to lynch me then that is my problem. Racism is not about a persons character but about power.” – Stokely Carmichael

Social environmental factors that would make a human become racist:

History – History clearly effects the present. Racists often times say things like, “Slavery was 200 years ago, get over it because I did not own a slave.” but they do not realize that the effects of slavery still exist today. Slavery is still active in the United States and throughout the world, we call it for-profit prisons and minimum wage (modern day slavery). Social Darwinism was preached to white communities throughout the world for hundreds of years. Social Darwinism concludes that natives and black humans (anyone that was not white) were naturally inferior to whites and were considered nothing more than animals and savages and were born to be slaves to the world. This was a common ideology and practice throughout white communities, throughout the world, for hundreds of years which can still be seen today. Jim Crow Laws followed not too long after Social Darwinism picked up speed and the end of slavery in AmeriKKKa was nearing. Jim Crow was a set of laws, set by whites in AmeriKKKa as state laws. These laws made it almost impossible for “other than white” humans to live a peaceful and free life after slavery from the white man and white domestic terrorism. These state laws that made “other than white” humans have to live like animals in a circus for “whites only”, lasted until the 1960’s when the Civil Rights Act was passed to protect nonwhites from domestic white terrorism. This all has a hold and effect on today’s world and society. White people still hold on to these ideologies and have the power to make history return. There are too many atrocities to name, that whites have committed against natives and black humans and the world, and all of these atrocities effect us in some shape or form as we go about our lives today.

Social Inequality – Whether it be wealth inequality or social inequality, inequality all together has been a big issue throughout history. Social Darwinism today justifies racism, imperialism, and conservative economic and social policies.

Segregated communities –

Superiority and Power –

Friends –

Media, News, Propaganda


Individual factors that would make a human become racist:

Physical differences –

Colorblindness –

Superiority –

Different personalities –

Knowledge and experience –

**This page is a work in progress, to answer my friend Galuh question. Will update a little each day. Thank you for your patience 🙂


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